Clinical Genomics Analysis Platform

A platform designed to automate the genetic analysis process and expedite the diagnosis of rare genetic disorders.


A British biotechnology company that automates the analysis and interpretation of genetic research for clinical laboratories was growing rapidly and could not cope with the flow of tasks to automate its own platform with internal resources.
The company turned to Virtual Nomad as a comprehensive service provider for software development assistance.


Virtual Nomad assembled an experienced team of software developers, QAs and project managers to swiftly join an international healthcare project. The team ensured rapid development in compliance with global standards and regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR and EU Regulation 2017/746 (IVDR).

Virtual Nomad team performed the following tasks:

– Development of pipelines and architecture
– Analysis and processing of files with genomic data (Pydantic, Ruffus, Marshmallow)
– Integration of the AI tool that detects dangerous pathogenic sequences in the genome
– Development and configuration of environments – Docker, Kubernetes
– Development of the platform front-end part based on JavaScript
– Automation testing using Selenium, Python

The system enables users to upload patient genetic data (via API or human interface) and processes sequenced genomic data. The analysis yields actionable reports with interactive graphics, text information about the interpreted data, and recommendations for reducing risks of abnormalities.


The developed platform is currently used by leading world centers, diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, and biopharma companies. The system enables clinical laboratories to make decisions in minutes, drastically reducing manual data processing and analysis time as well as overall costs by 95%, compared to several days it used to take before.

Since 2018, the customer has maintained a long-term partnership with Virtual Nomad. Our team is currently working on updates to enhance the product’s functionality.