Healthcare Software Development

With over 20 years in the ever-changing healthcare software development services market, Virtual Nomad stands as a veteran in creating high-performing solutions that put end-users at the center stage, be they patients or medical professionals.

With over 20 years in the ever-changing healthcare software development services market, Virtual Nomad stands as a veteran in creating high-performing solutions that put end-users at the center stage, be they patients or medical professionals.

Why Outsource Healthcare Software Development to
Virtual Nomad?

With Virtual Nomad’s extensive expertise in big data analytics, machine learning, IoT, and cloud, and broad experience in developing mobile health apps, clinical trial management systems, and other healthcare software, we are here to help healthcare organizations move towards digital transformation with confidence.


We’ve been at it for more than two decades, allowing our software development company to gain an in-depth understanding of the healthcare sector, its underwater stones, and the ever-evolving technological landscape.


When you partner with Virtual Nomad, you can rest assured that your solution will be compliant with all major healthcare industry standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, HL7, and HITECH.


Our engineering team relies on extensive domain expertise, industry best practices, and major healthcare coding standards like DICOM and FHIR to deliver robust healthcare solutions that can stand the test of time.


Time is of the essence in healthcare. Our efficient development practices enable us to deliver solutions at lightning speed. Whether you need to address a pressing challenge within your healthcare organization or seize a time-sensitive opportunity, we are your partner for swift and reliable healthcare software delivery.


Here at Virtual Nomad, we believe that top-tier healthcare software development services shouldn’t be associated with bank-breaking budgets. Our team has figured out a few actionable strategies to cut development costs without compromising end-product quality.

Healthcare Software
We Deliver

While our healthcare software development services cover more than 30 types of common medical software solutions, our engineers have a refined delivery process for some of the most requested and sought-after systems in today’s market:


Our healthcare software development company delivers tailored solutions for hospital management, allowing healthcare organizations to automate patient and inventory management, facilitate data-driven decision-making about patient care, and ensure compliance with data security guidelines.


Our dedicated team of experienced software engineers develops telemedicine and telehealth solutions, enabling patients remote and convenient access to healthcare services while allowing medical facilities to optimize resource allocation. We equip our healthcare solutions with real-time consultations, emergency care, group therapy sessions, and chronic condition monitoring capabilities.


We develop comprehensive electronic medical records and electronic health records systems that empower healthcare organizations with seamless access to patient information, allowing them to simplify documentation and streamline patient care quality.


With a well-thought-out clinical trial management system, finding and recruiting patients, as well as conducting clinical trials and managing data, become hassle-free and straightforward tasks. Drive innovation with confidence while meeting regulatory requirements.

Our Healthcare Software Development Services
At a Glance

As a seasoned healthcare software development company, we provide full-cycle development services catered to healthcare providers, medical professionals, research centers, and life & sciences companies. Whether you need to develop a mental health mobile app from scratch or need to get solid advice on the state of your healthcare IT infrastructure, we are ready to help.

Our consultants assist healthcare organizations and medical software development companies in setting up digital infrastructures by helping them figure out the most optimal tech stack and strategy based on their business goals and existing tech architecture.

In case your vision goes beyond familiar concepts, we opt for custom software development. Virtual Nomad’s team will analyze your idea both from the business and technical side and develop a solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing ecosystem and addresses the unique needs of your end-users.

Our engineers use a range of industry-standard platforms to help you cut time-to-market and development costs, as well as maintenance and support budgets. Whether you need to augment your existing solution with a BI platform or want to quickly get a comprehensive RPM solution, we are ready to help.

In the age of the ever-competitive healthcare software development market and high patient expectations, the outdated solution won’t cut it. When it comes to codebase refactoring, adopting cloud, or updating data architectures, our expert team knows all the ropes.


We help healthcare companies to become more agile and efficient by figuring out their cloud strategies.

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We Use

As a seasoned custom healthcare software development provider, Virtual Nomad relies on a range of battle-tested and emerging programming languages, frameworks, cloud platforms, and engineering tools to deliver everything from medical data analytics solutions to healthcare CRM software.

Our Healthcare Software Development
Project Lifecycle

From the discovery phase to maintenance and support, we utilize a healthcare industry-specific approach to realize your idea, meaning that data security, regulatory compliance, integration with your IT infrastructure, and scalability remain our top priorities.


15 th Sep 2023

Clinical Asset Management System Improvement and Cloud Migration

Technology-enabled clinical asset management system for medical equipment purchase and replacement planning

Healthcare Software Development

In the realm of healthcare software development, complying with all the relevant regulations and standards is one of the biggest prerequisites for success. After more than two decades in the industry, we know how to embed compliance in the development process from the beginning, allowing your app to reach the market in the shortest time possible and avoid costly disputes with regulators.

To ensure HIPAA compliance, our software development company integrates role-based access, MFA authentication, and data encryption during the early stages of the development process. We rigorously document the security practices to help you streamline regulatory audits in the future.

Our regulatory experts conduct clinical validation and testing, perform thorough risk assessments, and provide comprehensive documentation, including design history files, technical files, and other necessary paperwork required for FDA submissions and CE compliance.

As a healthcare software development company with extensive experience in delivering commercial solutions across the EU, we know all the ropes of GDPR compliance. Our engineers implement time-proven encryption techniques, adhere to data minimization principles, integrate consent management features, and conduct DPIAs to assess and mitigate data protection risks.

We use HL7 protocols to ensure standardized data exchange between healthcare systems and devices. This includes FHIR implementation to enable efficient data exchange and facilitate interoperability within the ecosystem.

Frequently asked

Healthcare software development is usually done by specialized healthcare software development companies like Virtual Nomad. Medical professionals are often involved in the process as they can give valuable advice, but software engineers perform the most work.

There is a multitude of different healthcare software systems like Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, Health Information Management (HIM) systems, Clinical Trial Management software, and healthcare data analytics platforms. These systems are posed to enhance hospital management workflows and improve patient care overall.

At Virtual Nomad, we’ve been relying on Agile methodologies for the majority of our healthcare software initiatives. This approach allows us to ensure the solution’s flexibility and its ability to withstand changing healthcare regulations.

Yes, software engineers can work in the medical field in collaboration with healthcare professionals to create software solutions that improve patient care, and diagnostic accuracy, streamline day-to-day operations, and increase the overall efficiency of healthcare organizations.