Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment System For Clinerion

A web-based solution for patient search and identification
for clinical trials.


Our customer, Clinerion, a global leader in medical data informatics, builds products that help healthcare organizations streamline clinical research and drug development. One of their projects is a digital platform that allows pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to find more suitable patients in a shorter time frame.

The idea behind the project is to allow medical professionals to access different hospital databases in a unified platform and make the recruitment process more efficient. Given that the patient recruitment system scans hospital databases that are located in diverse geographies and have different structures, it was critical to ensure system interoperability and compliance with region-specific standards like HIPAA and GDPR.

Due to our proven track record of healthcare software development, Clinerion chose Virtual Nomad as its development partner. We assisted the Clinerion team in the development of the UI layer, and performed the functional and security testing, and compliance monitoring.


Virtual Nomad quickly assembled a team of experts that supported the Clinerion team’s development of the UI layer and assisted in the creation of a comprehensive search engine. The platform allows retrieving data from multiple healthcare institutions across different countries, which significantly decreases the time it takes to identify the most suitable patients for clinical trials.

Our dedicated QA team continuously performs manual, automated, pre-production, and production testing. We are also responsible for system security, compliance with OWASP, and the data security technology for patient data anonymization. What’s more, we also used our expertise to support the back-end development of the system modules using Java technologies like Entity Manager and Report Manager.


The solution is now widely used across healthcare companies based in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. As reported by our customer, compared to the conventional approach to clinical trial patient recruitment, this solution allows companies to find up to 30 times more patients per case. Importantly, the whole process now takes minutes instead of weeks or months. The system operates in real-time, 24/7.