Healthcare Document Management System

VirtualNomad delivered a custom HL-7 compliant healthcare document management system that allows medical staff to reduce the amount of paperwork and make digital document workflow more efficient.


Our customer is an independent software vendor that wanted to tackle the overarching problem of many hospitals and healthcare institutions – management of patients’ data. Many hospitals still use outdated legacy systems to manage diagnosis reports, compliance documents, surgery reports, and a myriad of other documents.

Our customer wanted to create a platform that consolidates all the patient data in one place to streamline communication between healthcare professionals, ease access to patients’ health data, reduce the amount of paperwork, and decrease the time it takes to solve patients’ cases.


Virtual Nomad’s team developed a cross-platform web app that allows healthcare professionals to quickly find patients’ data including diagnosis, demographical information, medical tests, and treatment history in a unified platform. Whether it’s a hospital’s internal dataset or third-party medical archives, the solution allows medical professionals to easily find the exact information they need, whether on mobile or desktop.

Here are some of the features that our solution provides:
– Unified database for electronic health records that can be integrated with third-party medical data archives.
– Comprehensive document search engine with advanced filtering capabilities.
– Document viewer that supports a wide range of data formats including DICOM images, 2D/3D objects, PDFs, JPEGs, video files (MP4, MPEG, AVI), and CDA files.
– Digitization of paper documents and collaborative editing capabilities.
– Integrated messenger for secure communication between clinicians in accordance with IHE.


By the end of the project, our team delivered a fully-fledged healthcare document management system that allows multiple healthcare organizations to effectively store, share, modify, and track patients’ data. Healthcare institutions that use our solution report increased efficiency and faster decision making, improved communication and collaboration between healthcare professionals, and decreased operational costs.