Virtual Care System

Virtual Nomad developed a robust and easy-to-use virtual care platform that allows patients to schedule appointments, undergo a clinical evaluation, communicate with doctors, receive treatment, and pay for services using single web-based solution.


*Azure Cloud Solution

Our client is a US-based healthcare startup led by a renowned clinician and expert endocrinologist. Given that a substantial part of endocrinology cases can be solved remotely, our client decided to develop a virtual care solution from scratch.

Virtual care system

The idea was to provide patients with the ability to schedule appointments, undergo a clinical evaluation, communicate with doctors, and pay for services using a unified web platform. The goal was to decrease operational costs and improve access to healthcare by digitizing patient journeys.

Based on our extensive experience in creating virtual healthcare solutions, the customer chose Virtual Nomad as its main development partner.

*3D Party SAAS Services

3D Party SAAS Services


medical care system


Virtual Nomad delivered a full-fledged HIPAA-compliant virtual care solution that allows patients to receive medical care from the convenience of their homes.

Using the patient portal, patients can book a virtual appointment, fill in a clinical questionnaire, pay for a service, and access prescriptions. Using a clinician portal, healthcare professionals can access patient data, check appointment schedules, and communicate with patients via text and video chat.

Our solution can be seamlessly integrated with third-party providers to allow patients to purchase and receive prescriptions without leaving the platform. What’s more, clinicians can order lab tests and follow up on patients once results are obtained.

The platform supports HL7 and FHIR data standards, which not only ensures regulatory compliance and secure exchange of sensitive data but also allows for integration with other HL7-compliant services in the future.


Virtual Nomad delivered a HIPAA-compliant virtual care solution that allows patients to receive fully remote care. As a result of solution deployment, clinicians can save time and resources without compromising care quality. Digitization of document flows and patient journeys enable faster resolution of patient cases and improved efficiency of daily clinical workflows.


We build the solution based on Azure micro-service architecture, which allows for the continuous delivery and seamless deployment of complex applications as the platform scales. We utilized Azure’s Secure Messaging, Identity Management, Virtual Visit, Ticket, EHR management, Questionnaire, Notification, and Reporting services to orchestrate the app’s operational workflows.

The client-side uses a Single Page Application (SPA) approach to ensure quick loading times and a seamless user experience. Our solution relies on third-party SaaS services for SMS, email, payment and billing, lab, and eRX services.