Clinical Asset Management System for Healthcare Service Providers

Technology-enabled clinical asset management system for medical equipment purchase and replacement planning.


Our customer is a company that offers clinical and biomedical engineering and medical equipment lifecycle management services to healthcare providers.
Virtual Nomad was tasked with upgrading the customer’s clinical asset management system for better performance and usability. This system helps healthcare providers enhance care delivery by optimizing servicing, protecting, and maintaining medical equipment.

The goal was to improve the clinical asset management system to enable better purchase and replacement planning, increase the visibility of medical device information, and ultimately, improve patient care.


First, we implemented a feature that allows users to forecast device and equipment replacement priorities, timing, and expenses. This helps keep medical appliance conditions up-to-date while optimizing clinical asset planning. Additionally, we implemented a feature that enables users to plan long-term purchases in relation to market pricing dynamics.

Furthermore, we enhanced the system with comprehensive data visualization capabilities. With this feature, users can customize data charts and analyze the performance of clinical assets in real time.

The system now provides users with information about expenses in various periods, equipment that is close to the end of its lifecycle and should be replaced, and other data related to clinical asset management.


As a result of the improved system, healthcare service providers can now more effectively manage their assets and provide higher- quality care for their patients.

With improved purchase and replacement planning, increased visibility of medical device information, and comprehensive data analysis capabilities, hospitals can optimize their operations and reduce risks associated with equipment maintenance.

The system is used by many healthcare service providers across the United States and other countries.